This only took all morning.

This has gone through about 6 different little girls, 4 different little boys, 8 different backgrounds, and so on and so forth. Sometimes when I see the final image I’m just like, “Really? All that for this?” But there is a process to it.

A process that probably looks pretty crazy: there’s hair-pulling and jumping up and down and too much coffee and a little yelling. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think.

I wanted to make something to remind myself to let go of the little not-so-important things before you lose the things that really matter, because I have a tendency to get very focused on one small point that really, has nothing to do with anything. Then I beat myself up over it and break it down into a million tiny little things to be upset about, and forget what the actual point was to begin with.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m a woman. (Take that how you will.)


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