There it is!

I’m going to have to quit posting finished pieces soon, otherwise all the work that goes up at Flightpath will have been seen already. But if I keep finishing at this rate I should have twice what I need. (Yeah, cause I always have four days off in a row to do art. Pfft.)




There’s a bit of bleed room around it for the frame, so it looks a little odd as a JPG but this is what happens after…Well, I guess I started working on this image from the last post about three hours ago. It goes through a LOT of steps to get here. The Photoshop file has about ten layers that didn’t make it into the final image. Makes for a lot of options to run through and a very large file, that sometimes makes my computer really cranky. (And this is why I have a 1TB external hard drive.) I’m still not totally sold on the brightness/opacity levels. My eyes are starting to vibrate though. Dang limits of the human body.

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