Time to quit mucking about.

Now that everyone has to return to reality with hangovers and resolutions, I’ve made myself a big ol’ pot of coffee and am finally deciding on which pieces to include in my TBD show at the Flightpath Coffee House. I’ve got 11 pieces in varying degrees of completion, and I’m hoping to have 20-25. Show is sometime this summer ideally, so I think I can do it.

The awesomest part is, I happened to meet someone recently who is familiar with making frames, which is exactly what I wanted to do! None of those Ikea frames for me thanks. I found some amazing old molding at a junkyard, and I think it would suit my work way better.



Unfortunately, I’m a bit rusty after my holiday coma. This is a piece I started the other day. I thought everything would be easier once I scanned my entire catalog and could easily pick from the images, but I had to scan them at such a high resolution that going through all my scans… you know what? Blah blah blah cat. Go finish some art.

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