holy artwork, batman!


some adjustments on impatience and a new piece! and it only took four days this time! (i’m assuming the stress and turmoil have achieved perfect levels in my life.) this new one is actually the one i started ages ago and tried to force it, and it wound up being the 1GB file? yeah, that one. it’s still a pretty huge file, and i need to do some adjusting to it, but i’m starting to be able to revisit pieces and make them better or finish them. in the past, i would go into the zone and i would force myself to finish art. sometimes, it would work, and other times it was disastrous, but i digress. here’s “cleaning day”:


there’s definitely room for adjustments, but i think it needs hand done elements, so at a later date. and speaking of hand-done elements:


found this beauty in an old sketchbook. i’m not sure if i want to finish it digitally or physically, but with the puppy’s penchant for chewing notebooks, i figured a scan was a good idea.


“notebooksh are delish, what?!?”

and now, to watch american horror story until i have nightmares, because i’m an ADULT. (who totally doesn’t own a night light.)

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