The internet at my house is slower than my progress with art…GEEEZ.

Well I did post a few weeks ago about adding some stuff to what I work with, and I found some great stuff on e-bay. This piece includes… well almost nothing from it, but going through and scanning it all was pretty inspiring, so, here she is. I call this one Impatience, because I’ve had a lot of that recently. (I wonder if that’s why this piece is a “she”. Huh.)


I’m not sold on the colors of the splats or the placement of text but this is my first time working with splats. I used to do this all by hand and working digitally sort of limited my ability to add texture. (I’m not exactly a whiz with Photoshop, I’ve seen some people create texture using nothing but the paintbrush in Photoshop, but kudos to them, cause that ain’t me.) So I decided to throw some ink around and scan that. It’s nice, but I feel like I can do better.

Yeah, now that I’m putting it out there, I definitely feel that the cropping or general flow of this piece needs work. But I’m off Tuesday! Here’s hoping that my house won’t need cleaning and my dogs won’t need to go the vet and I won’t have to schedule an emergency root canal or any of those other things that seem to prevent me from having days to dedicate to art.   (grumpy face.)

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