Some more cle…



Some more cleaned up pieces as opposed to phone photos. I’ve spent the last few days arguing with CSS and though I’ve made progress I’m feeling I’ve gone a bit off the technical deep-end. Getting back into the creative by starting a new piece, like, right now. Before I start dreaming in 1s and 0s. (“I think I saw a 2!”-Bender.)




Evidently I did two of these little baby boy photos, though I like the other one more. Found this one in between an anatomy book and a yearbook from 1946. This one’s sort of proof of what my teachers would say in college: Scan everything before you paint on it. (I like learning things the hard way, what.)




This one, on the other hand, is my favorite kind of mess. This piece took me ages to get it to where I was happy with it, and you can see some of that layering and process in the edges. It’s actually a number of book pages glued together, with another failed piece on the back of it. It’s really simple in terms of imagery and relies mostly on texture, which it has a lot of because I went through a lot of color issues with it. But, I digress, it remains one of my favorite original pieces of mine because it requires very little touching up in Photoshop after the fact.


Digital art time.

(I might just smear some acrylic on my mouse so I feel better, though.)




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