I will conquer css.

Once again I am attempting to learn html/css/etc. My scanner cord is on the way via snail mail, and believe the me this snail could not move fast enough because I am itching to do a new website design and some new pieces. I’ve got one all sketched out, so here’s a little teaser:


here are the collage elements i’ll be working with, and here:


is an indicator of what i’ll be doing with it. hopefully this cord comes soon so i can catch it in progress. i’m so excited to be going to the plastic club tonight for a discussion they’re having about the recent show in dirty frank’s. the show is called grow, and it’s about artwork that is “green” and they don’t necessarily mean sculpture using recycled car parts. as someone that does collage and uses pretty much all pre-existing materials- old magazines, photos, books, etc. i can’t wait to hear what other people have to say about it.


woah! I have been reading for barely twenty minutes and i already feel 10x smarter. it also seems like there’s exponentially more to learn, but it’s all kind of fun.

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