Could this update be any longer?


Above you see an in progress new layout for my website, which I am way excited for, and it should be up within a few days. It’s changed a bit since that image, but all for the best. This layout should be a lot easier to update and includes a bunch of stuff from my sketchbooks (which are all books I’ve made or old books in other languages.) I’m incredibly grateful to my friend Jeremy who has been helping immensely, so you should go look at his stuff, His is in progress too, since he’s been so busy helping his friends.

New Open House

And now above is some more revisions on the Open House poster for University of the Arts. I’m one of the 14 or so finalists that they chose and that should be judged tomorrow. There are actually four versions of mine, because of the way I work. It’s been a process this year figuring out how I can give preliminary sketches for my pieces, but working digitally and just in general getting a better feel for my work has made it much easier. There’s been about 3 rounds of revisions on this, and each step has been fun.




And finally, these three are from my set of promo images I was doing for portfolio day. My teachers have kind of nixed it, because the idea wasn’t fully realized, but I don’t think I can let this go just yet. There’s going to be 50 or so and I’d like to make them into a booklet if time allows. Portfolio day is coming up quickly though, so we’ll see.


New postcards coming soon!

Letterpress business cards in addition to my offset ones!

Rice paper scrolls?!

Who knows!

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